5000 MxTakaTak , Chamet App followers / Diamonds - 2022

How to increase Followers on Chamet app ?

This question comes in everyone's mind but people do not understand how they can increase followers, I know you guys are making videos for a very long time and maybe you also like but you are followers If you have been unable to increase, no problem, we are going to tell you which is the method due to which you can easily increase the followers on your Chamet app.

1. Upload the video every day and always make the video on the trending topic.

2. Watch live stream of people who are always active on Chamet app and talk to them and follow them all live chat viewer even if you unfollow them later but till then you have to follow them till they follow you back Do not give

3. Easiest way but you may have to spend a little money, to increase followers, you are the most famous chamet app user, you have to send Diamond and send Shout out in chat, because of which many people Will follow you and they will see your video too.

How to Viral MX Takatak Video

The reason behind making the video viral is to make videos with many unique ideas along with many train seasons and trend songs, I mean to say that if you are a new Mx Takatak user then you will have to follow this method to many new people. You must have seen the reels which make the video more funny by bringing its second version in the funny category, so if you want your videos to go viral as soon as possible then you either have to do something unique of your own.
 You have to show talent or make a video that anyone can watch, then do not do it, just you have to keep attracting any viewer on your video for 15 seconds.

MX TAKATAK's video goes viral kaise hoti hai?

The algorithms of all reels platforms are almost the same, we have to understand how it works, be it MX TakaTak or any platform where reels are made, the code of their system is fixed that if any video gets more than 95% If more watch time is available then that video should be shown to more people and after every 4 to 5 days that video is analyzed and if it gets more than 95% watch time then it is shown to more people. ,
We think by now you must have understood how the OR algorithm works.